Affiliate scheme

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At Natural Essentoils we have always believed that our customers happiness is key to growing the brand. Since we began we have relied on your reviews, shares and likes to promote our natural, cruelty free and vegan products. So many of you have introduced people to them that we felt we had to do something to show you how much we value your support and so we are proud to announce the launch of our affiliate program, Team NE


How Does it Work?


Our affiliate program could not be simpler. Once accepted we provide you with a link that you can put on your websites, blogs and social media. This link will offer your followers a discount on our products. Every purchase made with your unique code will earn you commission. Thats it!


How should I promote Natural Essentoils?


Any way you want! Other than a small set of rules detailing where you can't share your discount link you are free to promote Natural Essentoils however and whenever you want.

How do I apply to join Team NE?


Complete this form and we will get back to you with a decision as soon as possible. If accepted we will send you our full and detailed T&Cs, once you agree to them you are good to go.


How much does it cost me?


NOTHING! You pay no subscription or administration fees. You will never be asked for so much as a penny.


I have a question before applying?


Ask away. You can get in touch here or email