Why you shouldn't use dirty makeup brushes

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Dirty makeup brushes are bad, really really bad. So if you are one of the many who still use them, keep reading, it's bound to get you reaching for the Brush Soap.


Dirty makeup brushes



Dirty makeup brushes are covered in old makeup. When the brushes are used this gunk clogs your pores, causing spots. Surely we all know this, right??


As well as last summer's makeup, your filthy brushes also hold something much more “ewwww”.....bacteria! They provide a warm and moist environment in which the bacteria can thrive, and if you don't clean them, you are wiping that bacteria over your face every time you use an unwashed brush. VOM!


Getting ready for a night out is almost as good as the night itself. Pre-drinks, wrecking the room as you try EVERYTHING on and of course doing each others makeup.....STOP! Sharing dirty makeup brushes is a really bad idea. Rubbing someone else's bacteria and dirt over your face can lead to infections such as conjunctivitis and even herpes!!



Dirty make up brushes


If you want the best from your brushes they need to be clean. The bristles on dirty brushes become stuck together and eventually lose their shape and end up getting chucked in the bin.


Still need convincing? Right.... if you want to get the best from the makeup you have shelled out a small fortune for you MUST use clean brushes. As already mentioned dirty brushes become clogged and lose their shape, and are unable to do the job they were designed to do. All that expensive makeup is going to waste!

If you think its time you gave your brushes a scrub check out our range of natural, cruelty free and vegan makeup brush cleaners.


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