Why should we bother cleaning our brushes?

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Regularly cleaning your make-up brushes is so important.
Using dirty make-up brushes not only causes skin problems and shortens the lifespan of your brushes, but it also leads to problems applying your make-up, meaning you won't get the look you want, no matter how pricey your palette



But what happens when you don't clean them? Natural Essentoils has put together this list to shock you into brush cleaning action


Brushes can accumulate dust, dirt and bacteria. Dirty brushes provide a warm and moist environment in which bacteria can thrive, and if you don't clean them, you are wiping that bacteria over your face every time you use an unwashed brush.


As mentioned already, by using that dirty brush you could be dragging a colony of bacteria across your skin, every day. And this can lead to acne breakouts! If you are noticing bumps, marks and spots in the same areas, its time to get those brushes scrubbed.


As dirt and oil builds up on your dirty brushes, your skin can become irritated. When the bristles get gunky, they become stiff and stick together, meaning you are scraping your skin every time you use them. Cleaning your brushes regularly keeps them soft, which is gentler on your skin. Plus, by using Natural Essentoils 100% natural products, you aren't risking further irritation from unknown synthetic chemicals.


So we know that using dirty brushes means you are constantly applying dirt and oils to your skin, but what if you used someone else's dirty brush? Well, you would then be applying THEIR dirt, oils and bacteria to YOUR skin. This can lead to skin irritation and breakouts, just the same as using your own dirty brushes, but with the added possibility of picking up infections such as conjunctivitis or even herpes.


When you buy your make-up brushes, you want them to last. The bristles on unwashed brushes tend to clump to together with all the dirt and gunk acting like glue. This can cause them to lose their shape, meaning you have to chuck them in the bin way too soon and buy new ones. Clean brushes save money!


If all the talk of grime, bacteria, breakouts, acne and viral infections hasn't got you reaching for our Deep Cleaning Shampoo, what about not getting the look you are after? Dirty brushes simply do not work as well as clean ones. So no matter how much time you spend in front of the mirror, you cannot reach your end goal by using dirty, gunky, stiff brushes.

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