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Our Deep Cleaning Make-Up Brush Shampoo is specially formulated with essential oils to keep your brushes clean and in the best condition. But which oils are we using, and why ?


Throughout history, Tea Tree oil has been known for its powerful antiseptic properties, which prevent the growth of disease causing micro-organisms, which can be found on dirty make-up brushes. Studies have documented than Tea Tree oil can kill many strains of bacteria and viruses.


As well as having antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, Lemongrass oil is also an anti-oxidant. Why is this important? Well to answer that we need to understand Free Radicals.

Dirty make-up brushes can expose the skin to harmful free radicals, but the anti-oxidant properties of Lemongrass counter act these, helping to stop the harm to your skin.


Our Deep Cleaning Make-Up Brush Shampoo also contains Thyme oil which is an effective agent against some really nasty bacterial strains. By keeping them off your brush, you keep them off your skin! And as if that wasn't enough, Thyme oil is also one of nature's preservatives, helping to extend the life of natural products.

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