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Cleaning your make up brushes is essential.  We won't go into the reasons why because we covered it in an earlier blog.  Its also an incredibly boring and time consuming task.  Machines have come onto the market claiming to clean and dry them in seconds, and while they certainly speed up the drying process, they don't offer the deep clean that brushes need.
With so many of us now looking for natural and cruelty free products, the ingredients in many of the bottled brush cleaners can be quite confusing.  Step forward Natural Essentoils Deep Cleaning Brush Jar – 100% natural, cruelty free, suitable for vegans and sent to you with zero plastic packaging.
Many of you may have seen the reviews or posts claiming it to be the best and quickest deep clean for your favourite make up brushes, but know nothing about how it works, so let us tell you...
Our Deep Cleaning Brush Jar is made from 100% natural ingredients, including vegetable oil, coconut, tea tree, lemongrass and thyme.  Legislation says we have to use specific scientific names on the product labels, however every jar comes with a guide clearly explaining what each ingredient is.  They are also listed online.
Once mixed together our ingredients are heated to a high temperature and poured into glass jars, where they are allowed to slowly cool and set. Creating the cleaning surface.
The essential oils help to fight bacteria on your brushes as well leaving them smelling clean and fresh.
Natural Make Up Brush CleanerNatural make up brush cleaner
Using our Deep Cleaning Brush Jar could not be easier.  Wet the brush, rub it against the cleaner and rinse.  It really is that simple.  Its also very quick, meaning you can clean an average size brush collection in under 5 minutes.
Once all your brushes are clean allow them to dry.  Pour a little warm water into the jar, swill it around and  empty out.  Your jar is now ready to use again.  As the process does not include rubbing the brushes with your hands its much more hygienic and doesn't get messy.
At Natural Essentoils we have made a commitment to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use, and we are already ahead of schedule.  The cleaner is carefully hand poured into the glass jar, a paper label is attached and it is sent out to you with zero plastic packaging.
The jar is easy to store and keep clean.  It also contains enough cleaner to clean around 400 brushes.
From all of the reviews, emails and comments we have received we really believe this is the best and easiest way to deep clean your make up brushes.
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You can find Natural Essentoils Deep Cleaning Brush Jar HERE
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