Spring clean them brushes!

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Spring has well and truly sprung. Many of us have already begun the annual ritual of a Spring clean, be it finally cleaning under the sofa, daring to venture into the deep dark depths of your kitchen cupboards or going full Marie Kondo on your wardrobe.

 One thing that often gets forgotten, year round not just at Spring, is to give your make up brushes a deep clean. For those of you who are guilty of neglecting these trust tools, we have sprung together a list of top tips on the best way to go about cleaning your brushes. And talking of cleaning, you can find out how we are cleaning up our act at the end of this blog.

 How to clean make up brushes

Do I really need to clean my make up brushes

YES. Yes you do. If you use dirty make up brushes you are potentially wiping bacteria and grime across your face and around your eyes every time you use them. If that doesn't convince you, remember that the dirtier the brush the worse the make up application will be.


You can read more reasons to clean your make up brushes in one of our earlier blogs.

How often should I clean my make up brushes

Ideally you should deep clean your brushes once a week. Although with the right product it really doesn't take long, it can be difficult to find the time. Using a daily cleaner such as our 100% Natural Make Up Brush Daily Cleaning Spray will give you a little extra time between deep cleans.

Whats the best way to clean my make up brushes

Cleaning make up brushes is easy. Over the last few years people have seemed to complicate matters with machines that claim to clean and dry your brushes in seconds ( the massively shorten the life span of your brushes ) but they are simply not necessary. All you need is a tap, a towel and a brush cleaning product. Rinse the brush under warm water, apply some of the product and rub it through the bristles until clean. Rinse under the tap, gently pat / run dry with the towel, ensuring you retain the shape of the brush and allow to dry for a few hours.

Another option which is actually quicker is to use a product like our 100% Natural Deep Cleaning Brush Jar where the brush is rubbed onto a solid cleaner.

What product should I use

There are many make up brush cleaners on the market and its really important you use a special brush cleaner. Using a body soap or baby shampoo will not fight all of the dirt, debris and bacteria or leave them in the best condition.

It will come as no surprise that we recommend our 100% Natural Deep Cleaning Make Up Brush Shampoo and our Deep Cleaning Brush Jar.

Make up brush cleaning jar

How long should I leave my make up brushes to dry?

The simple answer is until they are dry. This will usually take a few hours if they are laid down flat of a towel or hanging with the bristles facing down. Never leave them to dry with the bristles facing up. This allows water to seep into the brush base and handle.


Following these really simple tips will keep your brushes in the best condition giving you the best make up application.


And finally... we are very excited to announce that our range of make up brush cleaners will soon be changing. The will remain natural, cruelty free and vegan but we are dramatically reducing the amount of plastic we use and launching a brand new 100% plastic free brush cleaner to the collection. We hope to bring you more details very soon!

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