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Its been a busy few weeks at Natural Essentoils so we thought we would give you a little bit of an insight into whats been happening and what exciting things we have planned.
In January we launched the #BrushPledge, our campaign to get the nation's make-up brushes clean. The take up has been really good so far, so thank you to everyone that has got involved. If you haven't yet, take a look and find out how you can sign up and save 10% on all orders until the end of February >>>> #BrushPledge    

Also at the start of 2018, we added a History of Make-up quiz to our website. If you haven't already tried it, please do. Should you be joining make-up MENSA? Or do you need some catch up classes in cosmetics? Let us know how you did! ( We'll let you into a secret..... the quiz is totally anonymous, but we can see the answers people pick....WOW! )

natural essentoils quiz
Product development has also been at the forefront of what we have been doing recently. We have a number of really exciting products that we are hoping to bring to you over the next few weeks. We know its really annoying when companies say “ We have these great new products coming but we can't tell you about them”, so we'll tell you a little bit.
Firstly we have a range of products that are also 100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free that will help lift you mood and also help you to relax. We are so pleased with the development of these and hope to have them on sale before February is out!
We are also very close to finalising designs for some new stock that we know so many of you use, but struggle with finding cruelty free versions that are really good quality. We have to be a little bit mysterious here for commercial reasons, but we will say keep your EYE out for their arrival. We know you will love them.

And finally we wanted to thank you all for your support. Whether you have liked us on Facebook, followed us on Instagram or bought make-up brush cleaners from us, thank you so much. Natural Essentoils is only 3 months old. We are new and small and trying to create something the right way. And we couldn't do any of it without your support!
Please make sure you are following us on all our social media pages and please get involved!


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