Party Ring Shake

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Recently at Natural Essentoils we discovered that one of our all time favourite childhood biscuits, Party Rings, are suitable for vegans. We were so excited. They brought back memories of every childhood birthday party where you would sprint to be the first at the buffet to grab one for your paper plate!

It was around the same time that we were looking at a recipe for an Oreo vegan milkshake. We love Oreos, we really do. But they are no Party Ring. Then a voice piped up with “ I wonder if you could make a Party Ring milkshake?”  Well the answer is yes. And we did. And here it is. And it is AMAZING!!

What you need...

300g Vegan Ice Cream - We used Swedish Glace

250ml Soya Milk

25g Party Rings - We used a pack of Party Rings Minis.
+ extra for decoration

Vegan Whipped Cream - We used Hopla
To Make...

1. Put the ice cream and Soya milk into a blender and blend until smooth.

Swedish Glace
2. Add the Party Rings to the mixture and blend in short bursts. Do not liquidise the biscuits as you will want a little crunchiness.
3. Pour the mixture into 2 glasses. Spray on some whipped vegan cream and decorate with Party Rings.
4. Stick in a paper straw and enjoy!
Paper Straws

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