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Ghosts, witches, vampires and other spooky beings are about to invade the UK, and indeed the world, but there is no need for panic because Halloween is coming!


The modern form of Halloween as we know it now didn't really land on British shores until the 1980s but has quickly become one of children's favourite times of the year. However, environmentally its one of the worst with around 2000 extra tonnes of plastic waste expected to be created this year.


Many environmental charities are encouraging people to get creative and make their own spooky costumes by scouring wardrobes and charity shops for old clothes to turn into terrifying outfits.


A really simple way to add some extra scare factor to self made costumes is fake blood. Follow our simple recipe to create the most realistic, deep scarlet blood. With only 3 ingredients it really could not be any easier, and better still, it uses only vegan ingredients, is edible and doesn't stain the skin.


Easy fake blood recipe



1 part Golden syrup

1 part Cocoa powder*

Natural red food colouring **


* Most plain cocoa powders are vegan but check ingredients.

** Available online or in stores such as Lakeland.  Always check ingredients.




1) Pour golden syrup into a bowl.  Mix the cocoa powder into the syrup until it looks like a fairly smooth chocolate sauce. For best results add the powder a little at a time.


edible fake blood

2) Add a few drops of the food colouring and mix it into the syrup and cocoa.  Check the colour and add and mix in more as required.  Different food colouring will require different amounts.

TIP:  To check the colour place a small amount onto white paper or use a white bowl and drag a small amount of the syrup mixture up the sides.


Quick fake blood

3) Once the desired colour has been reached mix the blood mixture thoroughly being careful not to splash onto your clothes.

The blood can be dripped, splattered, sprayed or painted.  It can be used on skin without staining.  When used on clothing, allow to dry for realistic looking blood.

Keep away from furniture and fabric.


Fake blood recipe


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