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Recently you might have seen us talking about Kickstarter on our social media pages and wondered what its all bout and how you can get involved. So for those of you unfamiliar with crowd funding here is a quick guide to how you can back us and get rewarded.


What is crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is a way for an individual or business to try and raise a specific amount of money by asking large numbers of people for small amounts each. When crowdfunding via it is “all or nothing”. This means that if the project creator doesn't secure the full amount they are asking for they don't receive any money at all and the people that have offered pledges are not charged any money.


How to back a kickstarter project


There are two ways you can back us ( pledge an amount of money ) on Kickstarter. Firstly you can pick one of our five rewards. You pay for the reward, along with any associated shipping costs. All of our rewards offer large discounts on what you will pay when the items are on general sale or they are Kickstarter exclusives that you cannot get anywhere else.

You can also pledge an amount without any reward at al to help the creator to reach its goal.


Kickstarter rewards


If the Kickstarter project is successful we will be in touch to collect details and you will receive your reward shortly after. If the project is unsuccessful ( doesn't raise 100% of its target ) you are not charged at all and will not receive your reward.


So there is no risk


Nope. If we fail to secure the full amount we are looking to raise you will not be charged by Kickstarter. All project creators on Kickstarter have to go through a verification process to ensure that what we are doing is genuine.


How do I back a kickstarter project


Go to our Kickstarter project page where you can find all of the details of what we are trying to do. Select the reward that you would like to receive or the amount you would like to pledge without reward and sign up and enter your details.


Kickstarter questions


You can find out more via the Kickstarter help pages or you can get in touch with us here


Kickstarter rewards


You can see all of our rewards on our Kickstarter project page here

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