How to Clean Your Make Up Brushes

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In a previous blog we talked about the reason why it is so important to clean your make up brushes ( HERE ) Since then we have launched a third brush cleaning product, our Deep Cleaning Brush Jar. With three different brush cleaners currently available, we thought we would bring you a quick guide to cleaning your brushes with Natural Essentoils.How to clean make up brushes

        The first product we ever launched, our Deep Cleaning Make-Up Brush Shampoo, is ideal for your weekly deep clean.

- Dampen the brush bristles under lukewarm water and then apply a small amount of shampoo.

- Massage the shampoo through the bristles from the base to the tip, pushing out any dirt and debris. The essential oils within the product can help to remove bacteria and grime from the brushes.

- Once the brush is clean, rinse it to remove any shampoo, dirt and debris that might be left over. Squeeze out any excess water and lay flat to air dry.


The natural essential oils contained in the shampoo ( Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Thyme ) will leave your brushes not only clean but also smelling amazing.


How to clean make up brushes naturally


 Our Make-Up Brush Daily Cleaning Spray really can be your best friend when it comes to clean brushes. Using this product each time you have used a brush will keep it clean, free from germs, smelling fresh and reducing the effort needed in your weekly deep clean.

- After using a make up brush, spray Make-Up Brush Daily Cleaning Spray over the bristles several times.

- Gently wipe the brush in circular motions onto a clean, dry cloth, taking care to retain the shape of the brush. The essential oils in the product are some of natures best bacteria busters.

- Lay the brush flat or place it upright in your brush holder to allow it to quickly dry ready for the next use. The product contains Tea Tree and Lemongrass and will leave your make up brushes smelling fresh and clean, with a hint of citrus.


How to clean make up brushes




Our newest product is our Eco Friendly Deep Cleaning Brush Jar. This is the first product we released since we made the commitment to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use. As a result, this is packaged and sent out with ZERO plastic.

- Wet brush under lukewarm water.

- Place the brush into the jar and rub onto the cleaner in circular motions. As the cleaner lathers the brush will very quickly become clean.


- Remove the brush from the jar and rinse under slow running water. Lay flat to air dry.

- If there is any dirt or make up residue left on the cleaner, simply run lukewarm water into the jar, swill it around and pour out. It really is that simple!


Taking the time each day and week to keep your brushes in the best condition is not only great for your skin but also helps with your make up application. Better brushes equals a better look!

You can find all of our Natural Make Up Brush Cleaners here

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