How to sleep better in hot weather

With the UK currently enjoying the hottest days of the year so far and despite some restrictions still in place many of us are getting outside and making the most of the sun.

Long walks in the country, picnics in the park or days on the beach (socially distant of course) summer days can be some of the best. But what about when the fun is over and we are tossing and turning in our warm beds, in our sauna like bedrooms? In a bid to ease those long hot sleepless nights, we have put together a list of top tips for a better summer night's sleep.


1 Basics first


Our first tip does sound a little obvious but sometimes the basics are the easiest to forget. Keep you bedroom as cool as possible during the day. As tempting as it can be to let all the sunlight in and crack open all the windows, don't. Keep bedroom blinds and curtains closed during the day and don't open windows on the same side as the sun to keep warm air out.


2 Get cool for bedtime


Have cold shower before bed. This will help to lower your body temperature and make you feel refreshed after a long sunny day. If you aren't able to shower before bed put your wrists under cold running water.


summer sleep tips


3 Stay hydrated


Drink enough water during the day to keep yourself well hydrated. Have a drink of water before bed but not too much, trips to he bathroom through the night will make it even harder to sleep.


4 Avoid naps


Sorry, but napping during the day will only make it harder to sleep at night. Power on through! The more tired you are at bedtime, the easier it should be to sleep.


5 Cotton is King


Ditch the thick duvet and try and use thin cotton sheets and bedding. Cotton can absorb sweat making you feel more comfortable.


6 For the fans


If you have a fan and its not too loud, use it. Fans will instantly help you to keep cool and can help to evaporate sweat keeping you more comfortable.

Better sleep hot weather

7 Put your socks in the freezer


Putting a pair of socks into the freezer a couple of hours before bed can really help. Wearing a cold pair of socks at bedtime can reduce your whole body temperature. You can also do the same with sheets and pillow cases...just keep them away from the ice cream!


8 Don't over think it


It can be even harder to get to sleep when all we can think about is how we cannot get to sleep. A tried and tested technique is to distract yourself. Play some quiet and calming music or listen to a podcast. You can often find yourself drifting off once you stop trying to sleep and your mind is focusing on something else.


9 Use a pillow spray


Using a lavender scented pillow spray can help to reduce stress and create a calm and relaxing environment which can not only help you to fall asleep but can actually improve the quality of your sleep. Take a look at Natural Essentoils range of 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan Pillow Sprays here.


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