Good nights to come...

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Do you spend hours at night endlessly tossing and turning? You can't sleep and your mind goes into overdrive thinking about why you can't sleep and how many hours you have left before your alarm goes off. You may as well stay up and watch one more episode of that box set, because whats the point of trying to sleep when you go through this every single night? Then you are probably one of the 37% of people in the UK who feel they do not get enough sleep.
Living in a 24 hour society can really affect the way you relax and your sleeping habits. You can watch your favourite TV show whenever you want, that film you haven't seen in years can pop up on TV late at night, you can do your food shop before bed to avoid the queues, you can check your work email just before you switch the lights off and you can't resist that one last look at your social media accounts as your head hits the pillow.

More and more people are turning to medication and sleep aids in a bid to achieve their 8 hours a night. But what if you don't want to take anything and don't like the look of some of the chemicals in those sprays, lotions and potions? Well … you are welcome … we may just have answered your 3am prayers, with our brand new Good Night Pillow Spray!

Our Naturally scented pillow spray contains sleep improving essential oils – Lavender and Chamomile – which help you to relax, drift off and promote a better quality of sleep.
Lavender has long been known to help people sleep, but why? Does it really work? Or is it an old wives tale? The short answer is yes it does!

The University of Southampton carried out a study on a number of adults. Some sleeping in a room with the scent of Lavender oil, others with a placebo, almond oil. After a week they swapped. The study fond that the volunteers ranked their sleep 20% better when they were in the lavender room.
A similar US study found the subjects had a better quality of sleep, and felt more energetic after inhaling lavender before bed.

We know that lavender is a natural relaxant and helps to ease anxiety and stress, so we combined it with the calming scent of Chamomile, to create our 100% Natural Good Night Pillow spray. During its testing phase we found that 92% of people felt it definitely helped improve the quality of their sleep. Many saying they slept for much longer and woke feeling refreshed in a way they hadn't before. And the best thing about it... not only does it contain what nature gave us and nothing else, but its cruelty free and suitable for vegans!

So if you feel you could do with an extra few hours a night, without worrying what you are breathing in, look no further! Good Night Pillow Spray is available in the Natural Essentoils store now!


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