Good Night to Nightmares

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Halloween is all about ghouls and ghosts, its a time for parties, dressing up and trick or treating. After the last of the fake blood and green makeup has been cleaned up and the pumpkin tossed onto the compost pile most of us soon forget about it and start looking forward to Bonfire Night and Christmas. But for some children spooky thoughts can stay with them for a long time and cause nightmares.


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Following Halloween last year, and after hearing from parents who had used our Good Night Pillow Spray to help their children sleep, we created and launched two natural sleep sprays specially formulated for kids. Our Anti-Monster Sleep Spray and Unicorn Dream Mist were the original natural anti-nightmare sprays.


Both are naturally scented with calming essential oils to help create a relaxing bedtime environment to help promote a better night's sleep. Spray onto the pillow before bed and in any areas of your little one's bedroom where they might be worried monsters are lurking.


Whilst the lavender and other natural essential oils can help your child drift off, many children find comfort in knowing the room has been sprayed and is a monster free zone. Both of our children's sleep sprays also feature a space on the label where your child can write their name giving them a sense of ownership over, and confidence in the sprays.


Anti- Monster Sleep Spray

anti nightmare mist

Unicorn Dream Mist

anti nightmare spray


Both are 100% natural, cruelty free, suitable for vegans and now with over 70% less plastic packaging. The original natural anti-nightmare sprays are available now at


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