Breaking Moos - Vegan chocolate at its best!

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Our office is probably very similar to thousands of offices up and down the country: someone has tipexed their name on the stapler, no one knows how to work the printer and we all LOVE a sweet treat, especially chocolate.

During a recent supermarket recce we stumbled across Mini Moos from Moo Free Chocolates. Now we might be very late to the party, maybe everyone else has known about them for ages, but WOW! Not only is this the best dairy free / vegan chocolate we have ever tasted, its very very high on the list of all the chocolate we've ever had. And thats a lot!

We picked up a few of the Mini Moos Bunnycomb bar as well as some of the Organic Minty Moo bar. They were £1 for a 25g bar. This is a little more expensive than your standard Cadbury chocolate but you expect to pay more for decent vegan friendly chocolate.

The Bunnycomb bar is dairy free chocolate sprinkled with vegan friendly honeycomb toffee. Its a very crispy bar that has a good snap if you were to break it in two. It was a little messy with the honeycomb pieces falling off the bar but so so worth it! The chocolate is incredible. Its so smooth and so milky, despite containing no dairy. The honeycomb toffee is delicious and quite crunchy which we really liked.
The Organic Minty Moo bar is the same dairy free chocolate with a minty flavour. We don't know if it was just the lack of honeycomb on this bar but it felt much much smoother, just as milky but perhaps a little less crisp. We loved it. A couple of members of our team refuse all mint flavoured chocolate - one of them states that a very popular brand reminds them of toothpaste - but they both gave this a go and really enjoyed it. It doesn't have that overpowering mint taste that you often find which gives it this great fresh flavour, with a hint of minty tingle.
We all loved both of these bars so much. Even non vegan members of our team said they would go and buy them - they really are that good. The chocolate is delicious and the flavourings are just perfect. They are small bars at only 25g but they somehow leave you fairly satisfied.

Looking at the packaging, they are perhaps aimed more towards children but we don't care. We've found them and we will never let them go!


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