And so it begins - #PlasticFree

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A few weeks ago we wrote a blog all about plastic waste ( the problem with plastic ). The message that plastic is causing such a problem to our planet's wildlife and oceans has never been as “out there” as it is at the moment. After seeing the BBC's Blue Planet programme and other tragic stories about the damage this mass plastic waste is causing, we made the decision to reduce our plastic use, with the aim to go 100% plastic free as soon as possible

Today marks a huge milestone on this journey. We released out first ever 100% plastic free product , our Deep Cleaning Brush Jar. This make up brush cleaner is the ideal way to keep your make up brushes clean and fresh, whilst doing your bit for the environment. Using only natural ingredients, this solid cleaner is such a convenient way to do your weekly deep clean. Harnessing the bacteria busting power of Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Thyme essential oils, you can be confident that you are getting the best natural clean possible.

Packed in glass and sent out using only card and paper ( much of it recycled ) this new product has absolutely no plastic packaging. Its small size is ideal to store with your other beauty products, but because its a compressed solid cleaner, it goes on for ever and ever. Its easily cleaned and always emits a citrus tea scent.

Our Deep Cleaning Brush Jar is available now for just £7.49

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